the answers to the questions you're dying to ask


PLEASE NOTE: We make & send Fluffë Boxes once weekly on Wednesdays/Thursdays. 
Any orders placed on or after these days will be sent out the following week. (there may be exceptions for holiday periods)


How long do Fluffë boxes last for?

We strongly recommend that you consume your Fluffë as soon as you receive it, so it can be enjoyed in it's freshest, fluffiest state! If you ARE trying to be 'good' however, your floss will keep for a couple of weeks if stored according to instructions on each bag.

Is Fluffë vegan/gluten-free?

MOST of our fairy floss is! Some flavours do contain toppings that contain animal products and/or gluten. Each flavour has a list of its ingredients for your perusa.

Do you work with bloggers?

We don't have any particular requirements for working with bloggers, if you think you might be a good fit for Fluffë or have a cool plan that involves us, just get in touch via email! We're constantly on the look out for cool collaborations and always down to make some new friends!

How can I pass the time while I wait for my Fluffë to arrive?

You can follow us on Instagram (@fluffegram) if you want to know what we're currently creating and experimenting with. We also post some cool ideas of how you can use your Fluffë, if you have bigger plans for it other than just pretending to be a hoover and inhaling it directly out of the bag/tub. (10/10 would recommend trying)


Do you send tubs overseas?

We currently DO NOT offer tubs to our international friends (only Fluffë Boxes), we are working on it! But if you live abroad and think we should send them internationally, feel free to heckle us via email (seriously) - the more we get heckled, the more we'll work towards opening up worldwide tub-orders! 

How soon should I contact you about my event & desperation for Fluffë?

Send us an email as soon as you like! We cannot accept bookings & orders greater than one month in advance, as lots can happen in a short amount of time (we might decide to board a plane to a far away country one day, just to fuel this perfectly-acceptable sprinkle addiction we have.) We can however reserve a date for an event, with a deposit & pencil it into our calendar to keep in mind that you've got us in mind. 

Do you wholesale Fluffë?

We are currently taking expressions of interest for wholesale! If you have a store that would like to stock Fluffë please send us an email  with some info about your brand to wholesale@fluffe.com and we'll get back to you.

Can I pick up my Fluffë Box if I'm close by?

We might be able to arrange a pick up date and time for you if you leave us a note when you checkout, specifying this, depending on our schedule – please know that if we are available for you to pick up your order, it will most likely take place on a Friday evening.