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PLEASE NOTE: We make and send Fluffë Boxes weekly on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Any orders placed on or after these days are sent out the following week.
(there may be exceptions for holiday periods)


How long does Fluffë last for?

We strongly recommend that you consume your Fluffë as soon as you receive it, so it can be enjoyed in it's freshest, fluffiest state! It’s like buying a doughnut, and wanting to keep it for a week before you eat it… the best time to eat it is immediately (there’s no time like the present!). But unlike doughnuts, your floss will keep for a couple of weeks if stored properly.

Is Fluffë vegan/ gluten-free?

Our fairy floss itself is made with artificial colours & flavours, and contains no animal products. Some flavours do however contain toppings that may contain animal products and/or gluten. Toppings are mentioned in flavour descriptions so it won’t be hard to tell what’s ok and what’s not.

How do I find out more about this extremely handsome gentleman who makes my floss?

You can follow me on Instagram (@fluffegram) if you want to know what I'm currently creating and experimenting with. Or follow me on Snapchat (fluffesnap) if you want to see what my day to day life is like (also an unhealthy amount of food 'reviews' & constant abuse of filters)


do you send tubs overseas?

We currently DO NOT offer tubs to our international friends (only Fluffë Boxes), we are working on it! But if you are an abroad friend and think we should send them internationally, feel free to heckle us via email (seriously) - the more we get heckled, the more we consider opening up
worldwide tub-orders! 

How do I keep my floss fluffy if I
want to save it
for later?

We do recommend that you always consume Fluffë straight away (as any sane person does with candy & desserts) as we can’t refund your order if you hold onto it for a while and it melts. But there are a couple of things you can do if you’re desperate to keep it for a special occasion. It’s always best to keep your floss cool, the heat and sunlight is the only thing that will melt it and cause it to lose it’s fluffiness. Whether you keep it at work where the aircon’s on 24/7, or you keep it in your fridge (when it isn’t filled with cake, we know the struggle) just try to keep it cooler than you, since you are, after all, smokin'.

How soon should I contact you about my event & desperation for Fluffë?

Send us an email as soon as you like! We cannot accept bookings & orders greater than one month in advance, as lots can happen in a short amount of time (we might decide to board a plane to a far away country one day, just to fuel this perfectly-acceptable sprinkle addiction we have.) We can however reserve a date for an event, with a deposit & pencil it into our calendar to keep in mind that you've got us in mind. 

In the event that we won't be able to attend your event, and you've already put down a deposit, you WILL be refunded the full amount, so hopefully we can do something together in the future (we love the future).