a party's a party, no matter how small







up to 2 hours of service
serves up to 80 guests • 2 flavours

Ideal for baby showers, children's birthdays, tea parties and small family reunions.






up to 3 hours of service
serves up to 120 guests • 3 flavours

Ideal for Christmas parties, birthday parties, family parties, any party!.






up to 4 hours of service
serves up to 160 guests • 5 flavours

Ideal for weddings, big birthdays, large parties,
 and nights to remember.


*pricing subject to change & is inclusive of GST*
Prices shown are for private events only, if you're interested in having Fluffë at a corporate event
please contact us for a customised quote or just use the form button.



B O O K I N G S : Get in touch with us about your event as soon (or as late) as you like, but please know that we don't lock in events more than a month out from the event date (incase we're working on a really big project, or travelling).

P A Y M E N T : Direct deposit is the preferred method of payment. Full payment must be made at least one week before the event date.

C A N C E L L A T I O N : For a full refund of your deposit, reservations must be cancelled at least SEVEN days prior to your event

M O R E   F L A V O U R S : If you wish to add more flavours to one of our packages, just let us know when you email us, and we'll let you know how much it will cost depending on how many, and the package chosen. Custom flavours start from around $20.

T R A V E L   C O S T S : Additional fees may apply if your event is further than 15km from where we're based - Strathfield area. 

T H E   C A R T : Our most prized possession (apart from our machine that makes this all possible of course) is the Fluffë cart. You might have swooned over it at markets or large events, but please know that it is NOT included in the package prices. If you would like it to be at your event, please mention it in your inquiry email as it is an additional $100.

S M A L L E S T   S I Z E : The minimum requirement for a booking is the Petite package. Unfortunately we cannot cater to events smaller/shorter than that, but we do offer Tubs of Fluffë for smaller events that can be delivered straight to your door.

S U P E R   I M P O R T A N T : Power! We need access to power in order to make it fresh. It may seem dim to point this out, but please double check with the venue that there will be access to a power point, otherwise we won't be able to make you your beautiful floss & you'll go Fluffë-less!


$6.60 per tub + delivery

If you would like to experience all the joy of Fluffë, but live too far away or would like it to-go for your guests, you can actually order individual Tubs of Fluffë for your celebration!

Check out Tubs here >

We can send Fluffë all around Australia, so whether you're having a grandeur wedding bash or a small party in your backyard (or a Netflix night in), we'd love nothing more than to help make it a little bit sweeter.


Custom flavours may also be arranged provided that we are able to obtain, experiment and test your flavour prior to the event. We can even handcraft flavours, combining 2 or more to develop a completely unique and special flavour, just for your event. Custom flavours typically start from around $20 per flavour.

^ Custom flavours increase package price.




If none of our packages suit your needs, why don't we make you
a special one! (but shh, don't tell the others)