Fresh floss for every possible event you can imagine, if you need some sweetening up at your party, you've come to the right place!




Every event is unique, so it wouldn't make sense to have a cookie-cutter pricing system.
We work one on one with our clients to create a custom package that caters perfectly to their party, so you can have everything you want,
without the worry of paying for something you don't.

Some things to consider when you inquire about Fluffë:


From tens to thousands, however big or small your crowd is, we want to make sure there's enough sweet stuff to go around.


Are you hosting a sophisticated Sunday garden party, or an all-night rager? Tell us where you'd like us to grace you with our presence.


Create your own flavour, customise the cones or decorate the cart to match your theme. However extra you need to be, we'll support you 100%.




$6.60 per tub + delivery

If you would like to experience all the joy of Fluffë, but live too far away or would like it to-go for your guests, you can actually order individual Tubs of Fluffë for your celebration!

Check out Tubs here >

We can send Fluffë all around Australia, so whether you're having a grandeur wedding bash or a small party in your backyard, we'd love nothing more than to help make it a little bit sweeter.


If your party has a theme or the Birthday person/bride/groom has a favourite colour, we can create a flavour that perfectly suits. You can choose what goes into your custom Fluffe, make it vegan, match it to a Pantone colour, add some spice, add some sprinkles, add some bacon – the possibilities are endless!

Just mention it in your enquiry, and if you'd like us to come up with a flavour to suit, you just let us know and we'll take care of it.

 ^ Custom Barely Pink, Vanilla Fluffe with white pearls & custom branding.

^ Custom Barely Pink, Vanilla Fluffe with white pearls & custom branding.