I'm Nathan, the guy behind Fluffë.

When I (used to) think of fairy floss, my mind immediately flicks to carnivals, with sweet, fluffy pink clouds either trapped in cellophane bags, or sticking to my fingers, face and a stick. It’s a shame that carnivals are the only place it can be enjoyed freshly made, because it’s such an amazingly unique treat, and carnivals are so rare now!

This classic confection that you grew up with, the one that made you promise to clean your room so your parents would buy you a bag, is now better than ever!
(I would say 'the best thing since sliced bread', but who are we kidding, carbs are pretty much untouchable, especially the pre-cut kind)

I do this by myself, I'm the one making the floss for your party, I'm the one making sure everything's just right - that the flavours taste the way they should & that labels are put on tubs perfectly.

So have a look through our carefully crafted flavours and eye candy, but be careful - I would hate for you to fall out of your chair when you're overwhelmed with excitement.